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It is also mentioned that Yeeun often makes songs and record them together with Jinwoon playing his guitar and they gifted each other intruments.In regards to their surprising 3 years of dating, it is said that Yeeun and Jinwoon have been able to hide their relationship since they were in same agency, JYP Entertainment (before Jinwoon moves yo Mystic Entertainment). And I promised my mom to help her with dinner as well", she purred back.

Jungkook is masdhfjfjgghh- ❞ ❝ Shh, don't tell mom ❞ trailer : QZg highest ranks : #5 in fanfiction (170103), #2 in Jungkook Thank you so much πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰ βœ– warning : vulgar words, adult scene(s) βœ– ----- Β© bumble_bts | 16040... Jungkook smirked at his little sister before he caught his girl's lips into a passionate make out and finally letting her go.

*THIS BOOK CONTAINS HELL LOT OF SWEARING, SOME VIOLENCE AND MAYBE SEXUAL SCENES. ", she shouted, startling both her brother and his girl. "I'll walk you to the door", Jungkook breathed at her neck, she gasped a little, approving.

Even though Jinwoon moved to Mystic Entertainment now, they are still continuing their beautiful love." In addition, Yeeun and Jinwoo are said to be supporting and cheering each other in their respective music careers giving advice and care.

Both agencies ask for the public to look after them with sincerity and cheer on their relationship.

If you're my fan, you'd go and attack them too" γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ 10.

[ 1,071, -67] Sounds like she got into a fight with her fans...

THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THOSE WHO ARE NARROW-MINDED AND DOESN' T UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF "FANFICTIONS". Her brother, Jungkook, was just too busy to get the door as he was exchanging saliva with another brunette haired doll. Jungkook grunted before slowly pushing the girl to his side from straddling his waist just now. The only thing left for me to knock is your head", the little girl hissed. "Oh my, your lil sis is sassy and feisty", she smiled wide before she rose from Jungkook's bed. They walked past Jungkook's little sister, side by side.

VIEWERS DISCRETION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* β™‘ "Jungkook-ah", she knocked at the door, slowly. "F.ucking hell, little sis", he groaned and rolled his eyes to his little sister, "A little knock should do? She narrowed her eyes to her brother's girl, who was silently giggling right next to him. But Jungkook suddenly stopped in front of the door. "Younha-yah", he smirked as he leaned closer to her, until his breath fanned across her face, making her blushed.

This scandal was caused by some of her fans leaving her fandom and revealing her personal blog in the process but of course Younha's sitting there responding to every comment about it.

Her rant just sounds like "They attacked me and I'm pissed.

Without waiting for her reply, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Then, just like that, he disappeared with his girlfriend. The rosy stain on her cheeks still haven't faded. ily allβ™‘ update : trailer to this ff now attached on media β™‘ [ reminder ; pls do not spoil the book by commenting the previous chapters with the recent chapters!