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They listen to them, help with their younger siblings.

They show no outward signs of troublemaking in school.

They look comic with smudges of Channel purple metallic lipstick on their front teeth. See how she clings to her cell phone for dear life. The driver parks by the curb and flips on his hazards.Their Dior sapphire-blue eye shadow drives their eyes inward, making them look a little like cross-eyed circus clowns. Her eyes scan the train station across the street, checking out a man's ass here, sizing up a woman's style there. Yumi heads over to car and yells over her shoulder to Mariko. Let's go." Mariko, always meticulous, marks down the time and date in her cell phone's digital calendar.Enjokosai is a touchy and sometimes embarrassing subject to discuss.Many Japanese choose to ignore the fact that it provides more money than a female adolescent will ever earn at a part time job.And their mothers, you're wondering, where are they? You will see what I see everyday of the week; Mariko and Yumi, together as always, dressed in their issued blue skirts, white shirts with maroon ribbons at the neck and blue jackets.

On their feet are track shoes with an orange stripe, representing that they are in their last year of high school.No one wants to admit that it gives the girls freedom and lets them get away from the familiar sights of their village. "Once," I lie, not wanting to get her off the subject.No one dares utter that the girls can investigate their sexual passions. The next question I want to ask will make or break my relationship with the girls.Girls like Yumi and Mariko list their cell phone numbers with an operator or, if they want to be on the cautious side, register on-line in a web page specifically geared for enjokosai. In the Niigata prefecture alone, a prefecture that boasts the best rice production in all of Japan, over 300 girls are listed on a deai-kei. The Asian Women's Fund, one of the biggest feminist organisations in Japan, asked him to conduct a survey about enjokosai.These web sites are called deai-kei; in English, it means "match making." Whether it's on the cell phone or website, both are avenues to enjokosai. I tally over 25 cell phone numbers just in my town and the towns next to mine. It astonishes me that my little speck of a village, which appears, on the surface, to be squeaky clean and drowning in family values, has an another reality entirely. Fukutomi chose about 960 high school girls at random to poll. Of the girls who had "experienced" enjokosai, 23% said they had sex.The girls operate pagers, cell phones, and computers to arrange "encounters" with older and often married men. Since most Japanese own one, a teenage girl walking around with one attached to her ear does not attract attention. "Can I ask you something personal," I start, crossing my fingers behind my back, "Are you expected to have sex with the dates, you know, the men? "Girls never kiss and tell," Yumi giggles and swings a new Gucci bag over her shoulder.