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Gave up and kept driving for a week or so listening to the two XM channels I had favorited.

Vehicles with an Sirius XM Satellite Radio tuner and a valid Sirius XM Satellite Radio subscription can receive Sirius XM programming. Selecting an Sirius XM Channel Sirius XM channels can be selected by using , , the MENU/SEL knob, or the Menu system. Sirius XM Satellite Radio Vehicles with a valid Sirius XM satellite radio subscription can receive Sirius XM programming.Sirius XM Satellite Radio Service Sirius XM is a satellite radio service based in the 48 contiguous United States and 10 Canadian provinces. Selecting a Channel Using or Press and release or to go to the previous or next channel. Sirius XM satellite radio has a wide variety of programming and commercial-free music, coast to coast, and in digital-quality sound. Preliminary Procedure Remove the front bumper fascia.Waited another week and all the categories appeared. Maybe just listening to lots of XM so it was tuned there for when the satellite sent the update? When I called tech support (after reboots, xm refreshes, etc), they said that's just the way the system is, and they don't really support XM. I told them that there is no way that they have categories for other modes, and they even have "Entertainment" as a category with one preview channel... There is no way in hell that anyone could expect us to go channel by channel, and if we like one, just favorite it. 1 After being a loyal and techie Tesla owner for 4 years, I just got a new P100d.With the new beast, it becomes even more obvious how painful scrolling through channels is since there were no favorites already stored. Loading XM: The audio system is acquiring and processing audio and text data. Channel Unavailable: This previously assigned channel is no longer assigned. No Subscription Please Renew: Sirius XM subscription needs to be reactivated. XM Radio ID: If tuned to channel 0, this message alternates with the Sirius XM Radio eight-digit radio ID label. Unknown: If this message is received when tuned to channel 0, there could be a receiver fault. Check Antenna: If this message does not clear within a short period of time, the receiver could have a fault. XM Not Available: If this message does not clear within a short period of time, the receiver could have a fault. Control Buttons The buttons used to control the radio are: BAND: Press to turn the radio on and choose between AM, FM, and Sirius XM, if equipped.

XM Messages XL (Explicit Language Channels): These channels, or any others, can be blocked by request, by calling 1-866-635-2349 (U. XM Updating: The encryption code in the receiver is being updated. This process should take no longer than 30 seconds. Channel Off Air: This channel is not currently in service. Channel Unauth: This channel is blocked or cannot be received with your Sirius XM Subscription package. No artist information is available at this time on this channel. No song title information is available at this time on this channel. No category information is available at this time on this channel. No text or informational messages are available at this time on this channel. When the vehicle is moved into an open area, the signal should return. There are no channels available for the selected category. Storing a Channel as a Favorite To store the channel to a position in the list, press and hold the corresponding 1 to 6 button until the channel can be heard again. Up to six channels can be stored in each favorite page and the number of available favorite pages can be set.Has someone tried tweeting @elonmusk about how terrible the interface is?The interface went from something that was best in class to literally the worst interface of any of the cars in our household (lexus, bmw, audi, jeep...). I also thought that maybe the longer I waited the more channels would download. Az_Rael - that's the interface I wish mine looked like.I get one folder "Entertainment" and it has one station "01" in it.