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In fact, he often took Michael with him and left him waiting outside in the truck. Michael recalls, “Everybody else was in a room, peer pressure, I didn’t know what it was or anything like that, so I did it just along with everybody else.Sometimes the only meal he ate came from a stranger. I’d eat the dinner and be thankful for it.” Michael also was a victim of his father’s severe discipline. I mean, he’d beat the crap out of me at that stage.” Michael wanted a better life for himself so he graduated from high school at just 16. And it grabbed a hold of me a lot harder than it did everybody else in the room. But there was still something missing.” Then one of Michael’s jobs, washing semis, turned into an opportunity to make big money. Bryant (born April 13, 1966) is a lawyer, former public administrator and former politician in Ontario, Canada.

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Days later he resigned as CEO of Invest Toronto, while maintaining that he was innocent of the charges.He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in 1988, and a Master's Degree from the same institution in 1989.It was almost like God came in and ruined my high every time. Michael knows no matter how many times you fall God’s grace and mercy is always there to pick you up again.Although I knew Him, was walking with Him, I didn’t use Him to cope with a lot of my problems.” Michael was determined to set his life straight. In front of me, there were times where I’d walk in and she’d be on her knees with her forehead to the ground, praying for me. The Holy Spirit was right there, and He told me that He forgave me. I’m laying down in my cell and so I have these tears going down, but I’m not sad. Thank You.” This time when he was released, Michael knew he could trust God with every part of his life. Michael says, “A believer that has failed 10, umpteen times. They need to look at the life giver, Jesus Christ, as the author and finisher of their faith.The car travelled 30 feet, lasted 2.5 second, the car’s speed was between 9 and 13.4 km/h and brakes were applied after 1 second.

According to Bryant he was looking down trying to restart the vehicle and applied the brakes when he saw Sheppard on the hood.

So when he got out of prison he started a concrete business. God heard her.” Michael believes her prayers were answered when he went to prison for the 9th and final time on a DUI charge.

Not only did he receive treatment for his drug addiction, Michael says God showed him the true meaning of forgiveness.

The Progressive Conservative government was re-elected, and Bryant served in Opposition Critic to the Attorney General for the next four years.

He was re-elected by a greater majority in the provincial election of 2003.

I had these grandiose ideas that I was going to get out of prison and start my own business.” But as he read, he began to understand God’s love for him. Yet no matter how many times he failed, he believed God still loved him.