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Either way, they're almost always friendly and sociable.

The Ditz is written to appear unintentionally funny. Unlike The Fool, The Ditz is seldom in any real danger, and luck probably couldn't save them if they ever were.

In extreme cases, if the character dies because of his/her stupidity, see Too Dumb to Live.If the character puts Phoebe: I got a call at two in the morning, but all I could hear was, like, this high squeaky sound, so I thought, okay it's, like, a mouse or a possum.He sees a real voluptuous young girl come in and gives all his attention to her. I'm really the age of Frankie, but I always forget it. I never thought about it in terms of rejecting or accepting the possibility, but no, I don't think I did. I didn't think I was going to be without employment.Well, because her life just doesn't seem realistic to me because it's not what I'm about. But I didn't think I'd have a series and certainly not one on Netflix. I said to her in the beginning, 'Marta, I don't know if I can play Frankie.' I pictured Frankie as much more exhaustive. That's somewhat exhibited in her hair—and the hair I can do because I can wear a wig.But I can see myself somewhat reflected in the eyes of society. That she's serious about trying to do something and be a good artist. She doesn't take too much too seriously, but suddenly she'll pull up on you and take your situation seriously and try to comfort you. I said, 'Nobody's going to believe that I eat all the time.

And I like the way she dresses and I like her hair. Or that I eat bread.' And she'd say, 'If they don't believe she eats a lot of bread then she'll just have to eat it onscreen.' Yeah, I think in season two she is.

My agent called me and said, 'Are you and Jane Fonda looking for something to do together?

' I said, 'Well, we are now.' It was one of those flukes.

She gets rid of a lot of baggage that she's been dragging behind her. They can still be friends, or whatever, but their love essentially is love.

They're not a couple anymore and she finally gets that. She and Grace become better friends and more reliant on one another.

It was like the universe sending me the message that there's a reason that you are able to talk about this right now, and maybe it's time to take it as a strength and help more people tell their stories and bring it to people's awareness.