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On December 11, 2009, the duo confirmed that the series would not return for a third season.

Throughout its run, Flight of the Conchords received positive critical reception, with its second season scoring 80/100 on Metacritic.

Songs featured: "Bret, You've Got It Going On," "Bowie/Bowie's in Space" Bret and Jemaine are shocked by the prejudiced actions of Sanjay (Aziz Ansari), a fruit vendor who refuses to sell to them because they are New Zealanders. Murray encourages the band to adopt a more 'rock star' attitude to enhance their image.Dave recommends a strong response and teaches them how to "flip the bird". Songs featured: "Ladies of the World/Something Special for the Ladies," "The Prince of Parties," "Rock the Party" Bret and Jemaine ask Ben (Will Forte), a 'semi-professional' actor / dry cleaner, to cheer Murray up after a gig does not go well, but the actor gets caught up in the role and offers the band a record deal.Typically, at least once per show, a song is shot in the form of a music video. For example, in the first episode, "Sally", the song "Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" is a mix of Jemaine's thoughts and his spoken invitations to Sally to get a kebab and to go back to his place.The music video for "Business Time" (from "Sally Returns") depicts a daydream that Jemaine is having.Songs featured: "Business Time," "Song for Sally" After a photo session, Bret develops body image issues and gets some advice in a series of dreams featuring his idol, David Bowie (played by Jemaine). However, the boys' carelessness and an encounter with a women's water-polo team threatens to ruin the tour and strain their relationship with the well-intentioned Murray.

Jemaine plots to cheer him up and Murray tries to get one of the band's tunes used for a musical greeting card. Songs featured: "Mermaid," "Rock the Party" A performance at a local 'World Music Jam' results in the Conchords gaining two new fans, Summer and Rain, but Mel is suspicious of the newcomers and their motives.

They are not happy about it and decide to fire him, but it's Bret who ends up out of the band. Eventually, the two new members of their bands, Todd and Demetri (Todd Barry and Demetri Martin), decide to form their own duo with Murray agreeing to manage them.

Songs featured: "Bret's Angry Dance," "Doggy Bounce" Bret and Jemaine fire Murray for neglecting them in favour of the Crazy Dogggz and almost immediately they receive an offer to write a jingle for a commercial.

With emergency band funds unavailable, Jemaine takes desperate measures in hopes of supplementing their income.

Songs featured: "Sugalumps," "You Don't Have to Be a Prostitute" After disparaging rappers in a song, Bret starts a gang when he fears for his safety; Murray endures a series of degrading encounters with members of the Australian consulate.

Songs featured: "If You're Into It/Coco's Song," "Pencils in the Wind/Sellotape" After Jemaine reconnects with Sally, Bret decides that he wants to pursue her as well.