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Having now completed her Downton journey Amy makes sure to share her news with former colleagues and her pals from Hertfordshire’s Arts Head School, where she managed to earn herself a scholarship.And after having somebody pretending to be her online, Amy has decided to become an official member of the ‘Twittersphere’.All good.”For now, Amy is enjoying getting her teeth into jobs before the camera, but it was her work in theatre productions such as Phantom Of The Opera and My Fair Lady that helped her become so disciplined.

While I was lucky not to be fired when my past became known, I'm fully aware of how unusual that is (and what part significant public attention may have played in that).People who have capitalised on their erotic potential - whether in the present or firmly in the past - are still held up for general disgust and disapproval even now.And while many consider it unethical, is that really a good reason to tear apart a family?We dislike bankers; no one would seriously suggest they should be denied a family life because of it.The picture for sex workers today is hardly different to Downton Abbey whether they have children or not.

Public shaming is the norm and losing your job far from rare.Although she finds it time-consuming and just “another thing” to add to her list of to-do’s, she does admit it has its uses.“I keep in touch with some of the Emmerdale cast via Twitter and texts,” she says.“I actually saw some of the cast at the TV Choice Awards at the Savoy Hotel the other day.It was just like old times – we were all saying, ‘You’ve not changed’.”But there is one area of her life that is set for drastic alteration.She says: “Everybody welcomed me with open arms.“The cast are lovely to work with and really good fun.“It was nerve-wracking – with such a huge hit, you do want to fit in.“I’ve not a bad word to say about anybody and there’s definitely no divide.”On her first day in filming Amy, who was a fan of Downton before being cast – “me and millions of others” – shared the set with Dame Maggie Smith.A ‘pinch yourself’ moment if ever there was one.“It was quite surreal,” she says.“I just couldn’t believe I was in the same room as her.”But instead of shouting her news from the rooftop, the former Emmerdale actress kept the excitement of Downton and its anticipated plot within the confinements of her workplace, to prevent anything from leaking.“My agent sent me to the auditions in January.“I filmed seven or eight scenes and then the scripts were taken from you,” she says.The character trajectory of Amy Nuttall's character says a lot about Downton Abbey attitudes: a modern girl who likes looking at magazines gets punished with pregnancy, humiliation, living in a hut, losing her child, and then is pulled up by Isobel Crawley who magnanimously decides to hire her back into a life of service.