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Nonetheless, the original casts a long shadow, not least in its blockbusting viewing figures of around 15 million.“I found out they used to have to push mass in Cornwall back by half an hour because people weren’t showing up any more. “But 40 years is enough time to give it another go.

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The sense of hardscrabble desperation is embodied in the opening episode by Poldark’s fight with a local yokel; involving neither buckle nor swash, it instead begins with a head butt and ends with a knee in the face. The softly spoken Dubliner, like any sex symbol worth his salt, looks sheepish and shrugs off the term. “It’s a little awkward.”Uncrosses them, then rubs his forehead.“When you’re doing love scenes, clothes tend to get discarded.“Even at the time, I had a sense that it wasn’t always going to be like this,” he says, wistfully.“It was too good to be true, just a bunch of mates hanging out.”It was that performance that brought Turner to the attention of Peter Jackson, and he still seems dazed by two years of shooting in Middle Earth.A chance at seeing his bare chest has become a weekly Sunday night excitement for Poldark viewers across the country.

But Aidan Turner fans had to make do with his stunt double on Saturday when the hunky stand-in was spotted swimming through the Cornish seas on the filmset of the hit BBC drama.

Then I saw a notice up in Dublin’s Gaiety School of Acting. I felt intimidated from the get-go and thought: that’s just right for me.

The sense of potential failure is a buzz.”, in which he played tormented vampire Mitchell alongside fellow bright-young-things Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow.

Played by Icelandic newcomer Reed, the elegant lady had promised Ross Poldark her hand in marriage, but believing him killed in the American War of Independence, marries his cousin.

Ross’s surprise return presents Elizabeth with a dilemma: should she stay faithful to Francis or return to the man who has her heart? Having always lived in the shadow of Ross, the insecure Francis is thrown by his return, turning to drink and gambling as he struggles to come to terms with his wife Elizabeth’s enduring attraction to her former fiancé.

“I’ve got the Kili Lego figure, although I haven’t got one of the cast iron figurines yet. I don’t know if ‘figurines’ is the right word.” He looks worried that the full weight of geekdom will descend upon him for his malapropism. Weeks, possibly even months would go by where you wouldn’t deliver a single line of dialogue.