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It also must follow , the book containing the words and actions that make up the wedding liturgy.

Under special circumstances, your pastor can ask your bishop to dispense with the requirement to celebrate the wedding according to .

In other words, since having children is part of the natural purpose of marriage, it is impossible to give yourself to the other "without reservation" if children are excluded.

In order to ensure that couples fully understand what it means to give oneself in marriage, the Church requires a period of preparation before marriage.

This is most commonly the case when Catholics marry someone who is not Catholic and choose a wedding ceremony from the religious practice of the person who is not Catholic.

The requirements listed above are only a partial rundown of the laws governing marriage in the Catholic Church; additional rules deal with special circumstances and administrative details.

Usually, the marriage cannot take place until this happens.

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States is currently transitioning to a new edition of the ritual texts used in celebrating Catholic weddings.Please talk with your local pastor for guidance on this matter.The Church has certain rules about how the marriage takes place (Code of Canon Law #1108-1123).It is ultimately up to your pastor to determine whether there are any impediments to your marriage.Previous marriage is probably the most common impediment to marriage. First, both people must be capable of being married and free of any impediment (obstacle) that would prevent marriage.