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She is really young-14 or so** This was a big part of the storyline-I remember the h is not happy about her upcoming marriage to the H-so maybe he won the castle in a siege, etc.

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A list of guesses of books on this thread can be found at Post #750.Driving me crazy trying to find this book: it was a romance, Historical I think...:)Erin Looking for a book I read sometime between 20, dont remember when exactly, I was at a library.The book is historical fiction, set in medieval/renaissance time period in England.She is mistaken for a teenager and is hired by her neighbor as a housekeeper or assistant? He comes to the Heroine's grandmother's island to shoot a pirate film. Theres another scene in which the hero shoots for a new perfume ad in which he wears a lab coat.

She pretends to be a teenager and the neighbor is conflicted because he is attracted to everyone, m new her and i hope some one can help me find this book, i have been looking for it for a long time:i read the book around 10 years back. Thanks in advance I really wish there was some sort of database where you could search keyword plot lines to books and find titles! I've been looking for a book I read years ago and thought someone may be able to help.Also, she has a sister-in-law, who lives in the same house and is nasty to her. :o/Sorry, I think I initially posted this in the wrong place: I'm trying to find a series of books involving a black-haired catholic heroine marrying an autocratic hero. Their book involves the heroine having twins, a hurricane, and hiding on an island near the family plantation.As I vaguely recall, the cover had flower petals and a mouth on it, if that helps . I remember two other books in the series although I think that there were more.thank you for reading this even if you dont know anything about the book. (dark hair, etc) "Black" may even be in the title of the book-The h has 2 sisters**the youngest of whom is raped (by the H's men (?))-I do know one of his men takes her and cares for her/nurses her back to health.The other daughter marries someone from a nearby plantation but it's a bad marriage, the husband dies, and she falls in love with someone else.