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Ask each to prepare a market analysis (how much is it worth? Include the main points of your marketing plan in your listing agreement so that all parties will know what is to be expected (i.e.) and a marketing plan (how do you plan to market my home? frequency of ads and the publications/websites where they’ll appear, frequency of open houses, etc.).There are many excellent books on the subject in libraries and bookstores.

In weak markets the reverse is true – there are many homes on the market and unless you price your home very competitively you’ll be very unlikely to attract any buyers.

Whatever the current market conditions you will be most likely to get the highest possible price if you are willing to take the time to understand each of the components of a successful home sales campaign so you can assure that you, or a real estate service provider who may be assisting you, are doing everything possible to maximize the effectiveness of the home marketing effort.

Limit the length of the listing – two months or less is good, but no more than three months.

If the agent is doing his/her job as set out in the listing agreement you can always renew the listing when it expires.

Look for agents who have “for sale” signs placed in your neighborhood.

Don’t use an inexperienced agent – entry standards are very low in the real estate field, and years of experience and contacts, as well as advanced professional designations, are valuable.The difference between understanding the process as well as your local market, versus not understanding it, can be many thousands of dollars in the eventual selling price.Decide whether to use a full service real estate broker/agent or sell it yourself.A good time to sell is during a period of low mortgage interest rates, because with lower interest rates more buyers will be qualified to buy your home.Low rates benefit buyers and sellers alike, and if you plan to purchase another home after selling yours, you will be both a seller and a buyer.The same applies if you don’t have the time to do all the things necessary to market a home effectively, if you are on a deadline to sell, or if you don’t have an instinctive bent towards advertising, marketing, and negotiating.