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Since there is no real DB in this example, Its being simulated by a dynamic array.

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If multiple values are selected, the validator will apply the validations on each checkbox.

directive must be a simple dot notation expression, and that expression must exist on the instance.For example having inputs in a loop bound by the iterator won't work properly and will instead use the traditional listeners.This example uses event bus to communicate errors with the parent component, the parent component can also clear, or force validate the child component. There is a better approach introduced by using the Provide/Inject API.You might need to also use your Laravel/Express or whatever backend as your validation provider for numerous reasons, like checking if an email is unique since it is hard to implement on the client-side, we can acheive this using a custom rule and the The following demo shows how would it work in action, note that it will only trigger if the user entered a valid email since the validator early exits upon first failure.You can tell the validator to scope the fields by adding a attribute which tells the validator the name of the scope.

Those fields will be then identified using their name and their scope, you can have inputs with the same name in different scopes, and you can display, clear and validate those scopes indepently.As an engineer and designer, Fares first set out to design a smart mood lamp that could sync with music as a hobbyist project.He was surprised when an acquaintance, a Ph D in circadian rhythms from Oxford mentioned to him that the color of light (wavelength) has an effect on sleep quality.FF::ff_anychecked Validates that a radio button in selected in a radio group, or that a checkbox has been checked in a checkbox group.Can be used with the following elements: FF::ff_securitycode_entered Checks that a security code was entered. FF::ff_securitycode_ok Checks that a valid security code was entered. FF::ff_showvalidation Displays element validation - Used for debugging.In the following example, the third value is not included using the rule vee-validate also supports validating checkboxes, however like radio buttons the extent of the support is limited by the input nature itself, but all rules work regardless.