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I envy nobly of those of you who can wear this beautiful combination of freesia, rose and black currant. May be the mistress association, may be the fragrance itself. The combination of oriental lily and rose is very beautiful. I don't get any fruits although tangerine and blackcurrant are listed in the notes.

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Lasting power and sillage truly are terrible though, so I will never buy it.

Although I always have a spray when in town I am always dissapointed because when I get home the scent is completely gone.

Plus the fact that within an hour or two only the reminiscent of it remained on my wrist. :( P/s: I tried to make myself love this a lil more by putting it on before I sleep every night but it doesn't work. Ive used it for nighttime wear and special occasions such as my wedding, intensifying the scent by applying more than usual.

Got it because it was down 50% even though I didn't actually loved it. It has a soft smell but I have been using it quite often so that I don't waste my money but turned out I can't. You can't force yourself to love a perfume, can you? I love it because it is subtle, i am a firm believer that scent should only be smelt by yourself and those you allow close, not 10 minutes before you enter a room, plus the stronger scents tend to give me headache.

As has been said many times by other reviewers, this scent will annoy nobody, apart from people who can't stand any perfume at all.

Femme is a perfume you seek out for the same reasons that you seek out a T-shirt that will sit well under a work jacket – a good versatile shade, a decent weight of opaque fabric, sleeves that are more than weird little caps that cut off at armpit level, and a flattering cut.

It's surprisingly hard to find such a T-shirt, and I'm not going to complain to the manufacturer that it lacks design chutzpah, or isn't bohemian, or sultry, or severely chic. When I don't want to worry that my perfume will bloom in the heat, or be interpreted as old-fashioned, strange, or 'manly', I can just sling on this very conventional, modern and pleasant scent that almost everyone likes.

Really pleasant smelling fragrance- sort of romantic and whispy- very girly and demure- Nothing original though.

It’s a waste of money if you want your scent to last or have any projection. A friend used to wear it - it suited her just right, she is a no frills-no fuss person. Unfortunately, it doesn't pass the "who wore it" test :( A very important test, if you ask me. Sillage and longevity are moderate, but I don't mind reapplying. Not my signature scent, but it is a good and reliable daytime companion.

But to me it is just a plain bland scent I`ve smelt so many times before in so many other perfumes..something similar to all the other pinky bottles out there. I can give it to you for free because I am very sure it will end up in the bin anyway. I would love to have stumbled upon it at Sephora by myself, but no. Boss Femme is one of the best and beautiful daily fragrance ever made by Boss. This is my every day scent and ive been wearing it since it first came out, i don't agree that it's not long lasting as it's always lasted really well on my skin from 3-4 spritz which is all i ever apply in a day.

You do not see it mentioned often here, but it is a lovely floral, clean and simple. Fresh and tender, like a cool drop of dew rolling off a fuzzy pink rose petal, mixed with a soft aroma of sweet tangerine peel.