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I'm not sure what format you want them in so I'm just putting them in this email. Attached are some beautiful photos of my wife's incredible center.

If you want them in a bigger file, just let me know. (These are the full size images.)Hi, I'm a 35 yr old married women who has for a long time wondered whether her vagina looked the same as most (or was 'normal'...) as I'm sure a lot of women think - thank goodness for sites like this now I know we're all normal... We have only recently found your site and she is erotically enlightened by the women expressing genuine excitement at being able to show their most beautiful and private parts.

For example, if symptoms are severe or make sex difficult, this might have an impact on her relationship. Unfortunately, many health care providers may not be familiar with vulvodynia.

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It is important for women to educate themselves about this condition.

They should keep careful records of which treatments were helpful and which were not helpful.

A National Institutes of Health (NIH) study showed that most women with vulvodynia feel ''out of control,'' unable to have sexual intercourse, and unable to fully enjoy life.

If this is true for you, seek the support you need. Still, vulvar pain can greatly affect a woman's normal activities.

Women with vulvodynia have chronic vulvar pain with no known cause.

Until recently, doctors didn’t recognize this as a real pain syndrome. They may also remain isolated by a condition that is not easy to discuss.;)These are pics taken by my bf, he loves how tiny is my vagina, I used to hate my vagina because my lips were dark but my bf makes me appreciate it as he likes its shape, color and size. She has begun masturbating again just at the thought of seeing these posted on your site.Please email us if we need to provide something else or if you use these. My name is Vivian I am 28 years, and I live in Scandinavia.Vulvodynia can have a huge impact on a woman's life.It can impair her ability to have sex, exercise, socialize, or work.There is no one treatment for vulvodynia that works for all women; you may need to try a combination of treatments for the best results.