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It is usually the same as the name of the package, and installed in the folder: In addition to the default repos, you can set up other compatible repos that provide even more applications.To do this, we add certain text files to a folder called /etc/yum.repos.d You need to have "root privileges" to add or edit files in this folder.The league are once again seeking volunteers who are computer literate to act as recorders at the four league matches within each division, this proved to be very successful in 2015 & 2016 season.

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If you installed a terminal based application with no graphical user interface (GUI), there won't be a new menu option for it.You may not even know what terminal command is used to start it.Then it will show what package(s) you selected and give you the option to Cancel or Continue.Don't go crazy with it -- try installing just one thing at a time at first! This means the package you selected may require another package in order for it to work, so the Package Manager tries to take care of that for you.Yellow Dog comes configured with three repositories -- yellowdog-base, yellowdog-extras, and yellowdog-updates.

With just these default repos you can install an incredible number of applications.

Finally you get a window saying "Software Installation successfully completed." Once you click OK, the Package Manager window closes.

If the application has a graphical user interface it should now show up in your menu in an appropriate location (Games, Internet, etc).

Instead of logging out of your regular user account and logging in as "root", you can temporarily grant yourself root privileges from a terminal window.

A program started from this terminal window would then have root privileges.

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