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S.) v6.1 Recognizer from the Language drop down menu: Install Language Pack To Obtain Speech Engines in Other Languages You may use this link to find and install speech engines for other languages:

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How to Improve the Accuracy Rate for Speech Engine 1. For example, on XP, you may install Speech Recognizer 6.1 instead of default public domain version Speech Recognizer 5.1; 2.

Accuracy is improved by training and audio quality. The more you train your computer, the better result you could get.

Either to install MS Office 2002 or 2003 because Speech Recognition engine is included in these packs or install the Speech Recognition engine as a separate standalone installation.

But if the "Speech Recognition" tag is missing, then it indicates that the engine is not installed on your PC.

For example, Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking (for information, see the software producer's Dragon Naturally Speaking webpage) and, formerly, IBM's Via Voice (no longer supported).

These, and similar software packages, can be very powerful options for people who are not able to use a physical keyboard or mouse, or who just want to speed up their text input.

After installing MS Office 2002 or MS Office 2003, open MS Word, go to tools menu and select 'Speech'.

Then just follow the instructions given on the screen to start using Speech Recognition.

Windows XP does not have a voice-recognition feature of its own.

Instead, this page explains step-by-step how to set up and use the built-in voice-recognition function in Microsoft Office XP and Office 2003 for Windows XP.

However, our KOR users/localized version still won’t have KOR speech engine. Windows XP Microsoft speech engine is NOT installed by default with the OS, so you should follow steps below to install it: 1. This means Windows XP CS 7.1 users would only have speech recognition support for their languages with ENU or JPN CS versions.