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This is a simple post to share with you an easy-to-use option for the Dynamics 365 entity icons and the options available to configure them. Clicking on Save gives option to save it in “.metrop” format which cannot be used in Dynamics 365. Update the width to 16px and other changes to padding and colour as required and export to PNG format. These need to be saved as separate web resources of PNG type in Dynamics 365.

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This code designates all sales and VAT information for that specific address to print on the report listing.Specify whether to display the Tax ID field when you add a customer record. If you hide this field, the field is unavailable for input. Specify the default value for the Search Type field on the Work with Customer Master form.The system does not update existing customer records with changes to category code values.Enter a user-defined name or number that identifies an address book record.If you leave this processing option blank, the system does not perform outbound interoperability processing.

Specify whether the system writes a before image for a change transaction.

If you leave this processing option blank and the A/B Amount field on the Customer Master Revision form is blank, the system uses the currency code of the company that is assigned to the Business Unit field on the Address Book Revision form.

The A/B Amount field appears on the Customer Master Revision form only if multicurrency is activated in the General Accounting Constants program (P0000).

Click the Search button for a list of valid search types.

If you leave this processing option blank, the system uses an Specify the default currency code for the A/B Amount field.

My recommendation is the Metro Studio Sync Fusion desktop app.