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He spoke with us via Skype all the way from Australia to share what makes Stitch special.

“People’s social circles shrink.” A regular dating site, even those aimed at seniors, didn’t really fit those people who were merely seeking a friend. Geared toward companionship of all kinds, this website puts community first and dating second.

Today, Stitch has thousands of members ranging in ages from 50-94.

“They’re not necessarily looking for that jump straight into romance,” Andrew said.

“It’s not so goal-oriented as it is when you’re younger.” The site encourages branching out from the typical dating setting.

Whether you enjoy rock climbing or opera, there’s a forum for you.

As Founder and Chief Stitching Officer, Andrew Dowling is proud of the website’s social mission and positive values.

The Short Version: An easy way to make plans with new friends, Stitch is a global social network that connects mature people.

With thousands of members ages 50-94, Stitch offers users the chance to travel together, attend movies, go to restaurants, and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of it being a date.

Andrew wants to promote a safe and trustworthy environment, where you know you’re talking to a real person.

Also due to the age demographics, Stitch boasts a 2-1 ratio of women to men.

A site like no other, this socializing hub is ideal for adults looking for a companion.