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Mythbusters is a popular science education show made by the US Discovery Channel, and a very small RPF fandom.Its hosts are special effects experts, artists and electrical engineers who test urban myths using their technical skills and expertise.

He wears a hearing aid as a result of a congenital inner ear condition, and suffers from severe motion sickness. In fanfiction for the show, he is often paired with Jamie.Jamie Hyneman is perhaps the most memorable host of Mythbusters; although he is much less effusive than Adam and is obviously less comfortable on camera, his personality is a big part of what makes the show work.In season 7, when Kari took time off to have a baby, she was replaced by Jessi Combs.Adam Savage is probably the most active and notable host of Mythbusters.His designs and engineering solutions are typically efficient and simple.

He has a degree in Russian Linguistics and grew up on a farm in Indiana, from which he ran away when he was in his teens.He is obsessively interested in movies, sci-fi and various other aspects of nerd culture, and is a self-confessed 'props geek' and collector.He is much more comfortable than Jamie on-camera, and in fact was at one point an aspiring actor (he did a semester at theatre school, but has no other post-high-school qualifications); he cheerfully humiliates and endangers himself frequently on the show, from donating various personal bodily fluids, to getting his temperature taken rectally on camera, to drowning himself repeatedly in the 'sinking car' myth. He makes fun of both himself and Jamie, and does a notable Jamie impression that involves him hanging his fingers down over his mouth like a moustache.He is heavily involved in the American geek community, appearing at many conventions and on the lecture circuit, and with a popular Twitter account.On the show he appears hyperactive, enthusiastic and excited about everything.Kari Byron is currently the show's only female host.