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She keeps up her alluring failure to do anything for the duration of their conversation.

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This is even more true of the film's heavily promoted, but ultimately fairly scarce, portrayals of sex, during which Anastasia lounges around, content in her lack of effort, and Christian does all the work.

This is the opposite of Cosmopolitan's ever-more-complex suggestions of how to blow your man's mind in bed, with their implicit warning that the gentleman in question will lose interest if you don't manage to master this one clever technique using some smooth stones and an iced donut.

’ The beautiful part is the diagram.”Raised in Alaska by a hippie mother, Throwell began cultivating an off-kilter art-making sensibility at age 18 when he ran off to Brazil and spent a year in Sao Paulo, surrounded by riots, free-form traffic jams, museum fires, and World Cup soccer delirium. After living on the West Coast, Throwell moved seven years ago to New York.

When he’s not painting, making films, orchestrating strip poker happenings or 1,000-car horn symphonies, Throwell can likely be found at the local movie house.

“I’m obsessed with diagrams so I started flipping through this NYPD detective manual the police department passed out in the late seventies,” he recalls.

“One of the diagrams showed rookie detectives how to quantify and identify sexual deviance.Stammering unprofessionalism is as sexy to Christian Grey as the dance of the seven veils.He is so immediately and inexplicably charmed that he cancels his next meeting so that he can spend more time with Anastasia.By the end of their chat, he's done for: he has seen how special this idle little creature truly is, and is hopelessly, irrevocably smitten.That's not a sexual fantasy so much as a balm for the anxieties and pressures of modern life.Even the interview that she didn't conduct turns out to be a ringing success: Christian swipes her list of questions as she leaves, and then emails a perfect set of answers.