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We text a non-swimmer friend (if we have any) for good pick-up lines or for tips on forms of effective verbal-communication skills other than tribal grunting.Our most eventful conversations take place in 15-second intervals.The next time we will be wearing makeup will be at our team-banquet that occurs once every year.

Later, take time to watch, talk, and maybe even play other sports.

Just stay a safe distance away from us because despite our natural prowess in the water, we’re usually clumsy on land.

Why not go on a watch-my-partner-dominate-the-pool date?

Swim meets are the perfect occasion for you to support the team and yell about how much you absolutely adore your partner.

Unfortunately swimming, like so many other sports, forces us to choose between convenient comfortable attire and what’s “in.” We generally prefer the former, but for those special someones who request monkey suits and skimpy dresses; we’re willing to do a temporary costume change. That’s okay, keep enjoying our smooth naked mole rat skin and we’ll fill you in later.

Before practice, after practice, between practices: Swimmers need lounge time.Stop by, meet a teammate (or ten) and relish in the non-productivity.We’re dedicated to going back and forth across the pool hundreds of times for hours, days, years all the while staring at the same black line and pondering what our time will be when we touch the wall. Wait, showing up to a meet with five pairs of goggles in a swim bag is weird?We try not to get embarrassed when our date gives us a strange look when we reject the offer for tasting the wine specials of the night (if we are over 21).Don’t want jeopardize all the training we put in the past week.We want to find an outfit that hides our massive shoulders and/or suit tan and which does not consist of sweats/tank tops/flip flops.