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This was a treat for Harper and some of her friends,’ the source said.

However, they admitted that the Beckhams’ decision to publish photos had not gone down well.‘It was very indiscreet for them to have posted pictures on a public forum of what was a private family event,’ they said.

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Not only is she full of witty banter and funny quips, but she also has great style!Case in point was her appearance on Tuesday's show, wearing a pair of gingham ruffle detail trousers from Zara teamed with a River Island star motif crochet bell-sleeve top and silver heeled sandals.The journalist said: 'Don’t you think it's nauseating, is it appropriate for a six year old child?What about all the other kids who could see that and be wanting to go?If it is just for the rich and famous it is simply not right.‘The Palace is the venue for glittering state occasions but when it is used – or misused like this – surely the public is entitled to know how it came about, who organised it, was money paid and why it is only open to rich and famous ex-footballers.’The sports star yesterday posted a further picture of himself and Harper at the Palace, this time with his mother Sandra.

He wrote: ‘One last picture of the birthday girl ...

Vikings was alright until it turned into star wars on the last episode. Marvel line up of superhero wannabes wearing latex going out on Friday nights.

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He said: ‘From time to time members of the Royal Family who reside at royal residences invite guests to visit privately.’A royal source added: ‘Any costs in terms of refreshments were covered [by Andrew] privately.’It is understood that both Andrew and his former wife, the Duchess of York, were at the party.

Sources close to the Duchess of York insisted it was a ‘family’ event, with the invitation being extended by the whole of the York family.‘Members of the Royal Family often invite friends for tea at the palace and the Beckhams are family friends.

’Royal author Robert Jobson last night warned that Buckingham Palace should not be seen as a ‘party venue for millionaires’, particularly when the Queen is about to receive £370million of public money for a top-to-toe refit.