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She’ll do this even if she wants you to take her there and then.This is because she wants to keep her emotions checked and again see how hard you’re willing to work for her. She won’t respond to calls and might even not show up on dates.Again this is just for her to test how serious you are about her.

In any case I recommend making sure that money is never a problem during the date. She has her reasons for wanting to help out financially as well.

If you do have the money then you can also do nice things for her like Through these actions she’ll feel like she can depend on you which would make you a great candidate for a Korean marriage.

On the other hand doing things TOO extravagantly will make her feel insecure about her worthiness and she might turn you down.

It’s a balancing act but once you find your center she’ll love being with you. A Korean woman will test to see how devoted you are to her by watching your reactions.

Unlike Western women who’d seek someone more exciting to marry – a Korean woman would not.

This is because a married Korean woman strongly depends on her husband for More so than a Western woman would.A Western woman can build her own life and grow up not needing and taught not to need a man in her life as much.How can you demonstrate these traits if you want a Korean marriage?Dating Korean women with the hopes of a Korean marriage and wedding?Korean women are different and only by demonstrating the correct traits can you be successful.How can she be sure that you’ll stay with her in the later years of your Korean marriage?