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Shaped like an artist’s paint palette, there are three drop-in bowls that are microwave-safe and fit right into the plate for easy serving.It can be pretty difficult to get your kids to eat their lunches at school – you’re not there to monitor them and, quite often, your star student comes home with half their uneaten meal still in their lunchbox.Lace up you’re your black and white hood, lean in and swallow down a couple orders of sizzling garlic fries and too-hot-for- school sausage. Children’s Birthday Party – Jealous of that chunky, little second grader getting all the attention? Go to every one of your friends annoying kids birthday parties.

There’s just something about eating on the sidewalk that makes you lose count of how many tacos you ate- ! When standing in line for rides, strike a pose by resting your weight square on the railing, resting square will make your hips look bigger in photos and its also a great way to conserve energy. Make sure you order the large soda so you can take advantage of all 64 ounces of corn syrup. Cherry flavor is totally trending right now Special thanks to Web Md for providing fool proof nutrition facts on the fattiest foods this summer, and to Allure and Life & Style magazines for providing summer fashion and weight gain tips.But be careful, spicy food can actually speed up your metabolism so lay off the hot sauce! If you have to walk between rides try to at least be eating a giant turkey leg while you do it. The Race Track- On Sunday, big hats and big boxes of dollar hot dogs is the gambler’s couture this May. "When life gives you lemons, you zest it and make yourself one heck of a sorbet." Lex is 24 years young and has a love/hate relationship with words.However, perhaps a few items for some mealtime fun will do the trick.Several children’s companies are turning to tried-and-true materials, such as wood and metal, to create unique bowls and other vessels for mealtime fun – they’re sturdy, stylish, and easy to clean.

We’re big fans of the nkuku stainless steel bowls available through Ava’s Appletree.Both were very friendly, proficient in English and wasted no time in explaining to us the history of Osaka and the places we were visiting.For one, the Osakans (if there’s such a word) pride themselves that their city is ‘busier than Tokyo’.Exploring Nara Deer Park, Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, Tōdai-ji Temple, Kōfuku-ji Temple.The next leg of our DIY Japan trip brings us to Osaka – the 3rd largest city in Japan and it is from here that we will fly back to one of the smallest countries in the world – Singapore.While I’m sure there are lots of eating, shopping and taking ‘KAWAII’ photos in Osaka, I made sure we incorporated some educational experiences (this is what happens when you have a teacher in the family).