Single parent dating site review

I decided to complain about them today in the event that this harassment may end because I am tired of them continuing to do this when I no longer want anything to do with this site.

uk is a site dedicated to single parents residing in the UK.

Three and a half weeks later I was charged another .99.

It also believes in the human approach to providing you with a dating service and they try to make things as simple as possible, recognizing the very busy life you lead. This site does not attempt to overload you with information.

They provide a simple service and a forum for you to connect with other like-minded people.

For the next week I tried every day to access my account settings and delete. So now singleparentmeet emails are blocked on my mail server.

Searched on the website for any way to contact support or help or privacy - no email address anywhere on the site that I could find. What I can't get rid of is all the sex spam coming in, because it is always from a different (sham) email address. Wish I had known about sitejabber before I signed up.

This adds a human element to the service which reminds you that there are real people working in the background trying to make your dating experience a positive one.

This type of attention to detail is a rare thing, but a very welcome thing.After I cancelled my auto renewal again on 7/18 I found a charge for .41 on my credit card. Do not waste your time and do not give them your credit card. You get no email verifying you cancelled auto renewal so they just kept on charging and i have no proof.As a single mother I appreciate a website where I can meet other single parents.They’ve kept their site design basic, while still providing you with the level of service you need to connect with real people.You can sign up for free so that you can try the site out before making any financial commitment and they don’t try to pressure you with any constant requests for you to sign up for a paid membership.Finally responded to my initial welcome email and said 'delete my profile, delete my account, take me off your email list and do not rent / sell / share my info'. Just a terrible site the women on here ignore just like on all these sites have 3 an 4 kids all they do is come look at your profile view you read your messages an then move on to the next profile you sign up an you write 500 emails an get nothin in return Buyer beware they will also try to auto renewal your credit card first thing they will do is get you all these responses from different women all over the country then once you pay for the membership to read those messages there is nothin in return I was on this site for two days only.