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In Rumors and Reputations, Spinner is one of the many students that Emma confronts to determine who started a false rumor of sexual relations between Liberty Van Zandt and Mr. In Jagged Little Pill, Spinner and Emma attend Ashley's party, although not together.

In Weird Science, Spinner helps out Emma with her health food science project, which he believes is the reason why he has been getting so many erections.

Emma later finds Spinner playing basketball outside Degrassi Community School, and asks him if he wants to talk, saying he's doing his best to forget her.She gets him to smile, and to play a game of horse with her.The two look back at The Dot in flames, and Emma puts a reassuring hand on his arm.Later, when Spinner and the owner of The Dot are surveying the damage, Emma makes the comment, "Guess we'll be looking for new jobs..".It is later revealed in Degrassi Takes Manhattan that Spinner kept the project with other items that he considered made him who he was.

In Mercy Street, Emma joins forces with Paige against Rick Murray soon after Spinner (Paige's boyfriend at the time) tells her that Rick (a known abuser) will be in her English class.They are the only original characters from the first season to get married.In Family Politics, Spinner and Jimmy tease Emma and Manny since they are new in the school.In We Built This City, Spinner, Emma, and the rest of the gang go swimming together at their Prom. In Holiday Road, Spinner attended Emma and Kelly's barbecue.He later comforts Emma after her break up with Kelly.Look who I stumbled across…randomly…at the scheduled Degrassi promo shoot that we're all a part of #degrassi #promo #oldfriends #catchingup #allgrownup A photo posted by Shane Kippel (@shaneykipps) on Jun 29, 2015 at pm PDT Collins, who starred in the Canadian series from 2001 to 2008, played Miss Popular Paige Michaelchuk.