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Benefit: Machine-friendly, tool-friendly, extremely short machining and calculation times.

Various tool references and an optimised axial infeed allow T-slots to be machined safely.

All toolpaths are checked for collisions and therefore provide maximum safety. This is a new cycle for the optimised 3D machining of cutting edges.

This strategy guarantees efficient machining, particularly for cutting dies.

Benefit: Fast and easy programming of cutting edges.

This allows the tool to be used with different orientations.

The cutting ream and reference point are supplied automatically by the hyper MILLThis new function allows open and closed pockets to be machined very efficiently.Benefit: Simple and fast programming, fast milling. This eliminates retraction movements between the individual operations and significantly reduces auxiliary processing times.Two new functions ensure greater user-friendliness. A perfect surface and an equally perfect curve are created automatically for swarf cutting based on selected geometries via a surface selection. All connecting paths are optimised with respect to the component and checked for collisions. Real machine collisions not only cause damage to machines; they also lead to production losses and associated time delays.This option is available for all roughing jobs in the 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis area.Benefit: Tool-friendly, greater process reliability. This is a new strategy for the efficient machining of T-slots.In other words, simulation takes place before the postprocessor run.