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So this is what happened 579991214I've seen several pics of her on here at different times, and there's something of a set, I think. Didnt get her number (thought it would be too weird to ask). She was molested as a kid, which I guess is kind of a cliche, but it was true. We broke it off when realized the damage that could be done if caught (mostly to her and my kids).2) Nope3) Well, see #1now I'm kind of fucking pissed, because Sarah has her own fucking bedroom and I'm going to have to wake her up and make an ass out of myself unless I want to drive home at 2, which I guess I could I keep pushing at her some and she's sort of slapping me away and bit, and eventually it starts to kind of become this flirty aggresive excuse to be a bit physical with eachother while we size eachother up580001249Why the fuck do you post this and not share any details? As for my gf,she came way more drunk (since she stayed) and didnt noticeso finally we're really slapping at eachother like fucking stupid children and she's all "go sleep with Tyler" and I'm like "no, go to your room" and she's like "you aren't my boss" blah blah blahat this point I've got the young hot firey version of Tyler's mom on her back under me with a look in her eyes that says I need to be taught a lesson, so I just go for it and basically rage kiss her and grope her tits579971946I don't got much. its weird enough waking up at a friends realizing you aren't in your own bed, but to wake up and remember you fucked his sister that night and that she just blew you to wake you up is hard on the brainshe kind of fucked up blowing me right before hand, because otherwise I'd probably have tried to fuck her again right then, which I think is what she wanted out of me, but fuck if I didn't want to leave and get some food in me or something580012191There's more to the universe of these stories that is my life I guess, but those are my first ever sexual encounters with Tyler's mom and sister anyway. "Hank" as I've named him honestly browses here and I don't want that shit floating around.

She does have a really sexy, fat ass; and her skin looks like it's really nice and sexy, which I really like. I wanna seal the deal, I know if i bump into her again (and she is alone) i can. HOW CAN I GET CLOSE TO HER WITHOUT (too much) STALKING? I got the hots for both of my sisters in law579998353He was probably an okay guy. Girl was flat as a board but had a problem with her uterus so she couldn't get pregnant. Last few years: Fucked my ex gf's roommate after we broke up. She was coked out bi-polar mess, and her vagina was tore up, so that was one and done. Not to mention Tyler is still my best friend I am a pretty good guy to be honest and the majority of the girls I've fucked are not for bad reasons.

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And how the fuck did he get both of his sisters to fuck him? In regards to the black girl I posted an ad on craigslist and she wanted some Marine dick. ha.2 - Nope.3 - I wouldn't say 5.7 inches is big. She's in great shape and her ass and legs are fucking killer.

He also just didn't have as a high sex drive as her and wasn't great at making her feel beautiful I do not have any pictures that I'd be willing to share, no. This was about a year and a half ago579985275Thank you!

I used to like infiltrating a group of female friends and rattling my way through them, getting them to keep secrets from each other. Did you fuck them after just meeting them for the first time? And does the friend know about you fucking his wife?

She's got a throwaway email and an imagefap account (no nudes on there though).1 - my friends wifesuper drunk at their house for dinner, he passed out on couch. Had a good 3 hours of messing around and he was still passed out on couch. Fucked his mom in a drunken sloppy mess until her boyfriend showed up and I left. Came in her mouth and told her to give him a good night kiss. Completely naked with both her saggy tits on his chest.579986907Wait...

I don't know if she's hitting on me or fucking with me or what579986907No problem.

I have to say that I get enough pussy, but not a lot, like I have sex about 3 times a week with the same person, I used to go clubbing and stuff but not anymore - I'm seriously more attracted to intelligence lately, and the girl I'm in a situationship (we aren't dating, have no idea really) isn't really interesting in that department.

Did either/both of the friends find out about/or suspect you of fucking their moms?

And this is coming from someone who IS into incest asks me where I learned to give massages, and I'm awkward as fuck because I don't actually know what I'm doing.

I'm still home and wouldn't end up leaving for college until about 6 months after that because people who fuck their best friends moms and sister don't know what they want to do with their life for at least a year after highschool I guess579995518Not really, she was more like a fish outta water more than anything. Her sister who I was dating was/still is in love with me, I think, so she'd probably be devastated if she found out. Long story short I manipulated and convinced her he obviously wasn't interested and is going to hurt her in one way or another, when really it just seemed like to me he was pissed off with something.

But I tried anal for the first time with her, and I face fucked her lots. I try to look at it like a doesnt matter had sex moment.1) Had lond term affair with sister in law. And that's probably why I'm doing it-- because I'm fucking drawn in by fucking stupid shit. She fell into my web, I took her home with me in the early hours of the morning after drinking all night and I smashed that pussy for over an hour non stop, I came 3 times and kept an erection the entire time, which I think is the most I've cummed in one constant session.

Yanked them off her computer, usually it was locked but sometimes it was left logged on. Not by a lot, and she wasn't a size queen at all, what she wanted was to get eaten out and I love that shit. Second mom was in her thirty's, slim with a cup breasts, tight ass she had a pretty face black hair, but her voice... We fucked and messed around for awhile but it was only that one time Literally haven't talked with him since, haven't seen him , no contact - I'm fairly certain he found out from his wife because since then they've removed me from Facebook - They get drunk alot like everyday and the topic was probably brought up... I feel bad about it, we weren't very close friends but he was a good guy - they are still together though which is a plus.