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To find out more, we needed to look at the parrot sculpture from every conceivable angle, constructing a sort of mental parrot-porking panopticon. Their reproductive processes are of interest only to historians!Data point one: this 2011 blog post about lunch at Mar-a-Lago from journalist Joan Gage includes a photo of the fountain from a different angle which shows three The answer was found even deeper into the past, in a blog post from 2009 containing a photo from the 1980s of the entire parrot fountain from the courtyard below. Their cloacal kiss has expired and gone to meet its maker. They’ve kicked the fuck-it, shuffled off immoral oils, toned down the spurtin’, enjoined from breeding, spire invisible! The second is that if Barwig was trying to sculpt parrot pornography, he should have spent a little more time surreptitiously watching parrots make the beast with four wings.

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It is one of the worst kept secrets in heathen Hollywood that actress Mila Kunis insists that every one of the sex scenes she films be as authentic as possible by featuring actual penetration.That is why it comes as no surprise to see Mila’s sin hole with a tiny infidel manhood inside of it in the sex pic above which was taken behind the scenes of the sex scene featured below.Real parrots having real sex looks nothing like the idealized parrot sculptures at Mar-a-Lago, which are probably giving young parrots impossible expectations about parrot sex as we speak.But this still leaves two possibilities: Barwig either didn’t intend his parrot sculpture to represent parrots boning, or he just wasn’t very scientifically accurate when it came to chiseling parrots in the throes of passion out of imported Mediterranean stone. If you hadn’t nailed them to a fountain they’d be watching Netflix in sweatpants!After the civil ceremony at the Greek Orthodox chapel on the island of Rhodes, the happy couple adopted a pose where the bride kneeled before her spouse, and appeared to perform oral sex in her wedding dress, as Matthew punched the air, with his trousers and underpants around his ankles.

They immediately posted the picture on their social media sites, proud owners of their lifelong memento of the happy day. Clearly someone from Hollywood’s HR department needs to step in and put an end to Mila Kunis’ unethical work practices by telling this whore to close her damn legs…Or better yet breaking out a needle and thread and sewing her banged out piss flaps shut once and for all.Not all my friends are having this experience, and it's really not what I'm looking for. SEEKING LOVE, FINDING D*CKS, First of all, you are not alone receiving these unsolicited assaults on your eyes.According to a 2016 online survey, over 60 percent of women have received an unsolicited dick pic.We all love seeing Daniel Craig transformed into his suited-up secret agent alter ego, but where would James Bond be without his girls?