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Eye-witnesses described seeing the semi-trailer travelling at 100km/h on a main street and ploughing into four cars before thick black smoke billowed into the air.

Two motorists were left critical as another eight were injured in the crash on George Street, at Singleton, shortly before 7.30am on Wednesday.

A new survey from Bateaux London has ranked Belfast number one when it comes to living the happy single life of nights out and hot dates, according to The Independent.

Each city was then ranked from best to worst for each category with points awarded based on their position and then turned into a percentage rating.

The results found that Belfast was the best place to go solo with a final rating of 67.15%.

An All Eyez On Me script penned by director John Singleton, before he left the Tupac Shakur biopic, included a scene in which the famed rapper was assaulted by a group of 'predatory and degenerate' prisoners.

The 49-year-old filmmaker, who's been outspoken in his disdain for the project since exiting it two years ago, submitted a draft of the script in July of 2014 titled REVISION EIGHT, excerpts of which were posted by TMZ Sunday.

A 62-year-old woman is also in a critical condition with pelvic and hip injuries.

'The scale and suddenness of the incident and the fact that is has happened in a smaller community means a lot of people are in shock, so it was a challenging scene,' Mr Wiseman said.Witness Meri Basci told Daily Mail Australia she was on her way to work when she saw the truck being driven 'erratically' over the bridge before it crashed and burst into flames.'I saw a lot of dust under his wheels ... 'I couldn't even understand how he could drive that fast over the bridge without hitting anyone or anything.'A second later all I could hear was a big bang and a lot of black smoke.' Another witness, Daniel Storey, told Australian Associated Press that he heard 'crash after crash after crash'.'Some cars have been taken out by the truck,' Mr Storey said.'He's caused it all.When he crashed, he got out of his truck and tried to get into another truck.' Debbie Anderson, 59, was taken to hospital with bruising on her arms and legs after getting caught in the huge crash.Huge blankets of black smoke can be seen and one witness reportedly said there was a 'huge fireball' with cars 'all over the road'.The driver stole the truck from a BP service station in Murrurundi early Wednesday morning, NSW Police said.'If they knew what was coming why didn't they sit us in the side streets,' she said.