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Mr Piplani added: "While our cards can be used in most countries in the world, our terms and conditions make it clear that customers should have a valid UK address.

However, Barclaycard said that if cards are withdrawn from customers who cannot provide a UK address, it will have no effect on their credit ratings.Brian Langston wrote: "Although I don't use it too much these days, I still keep a Barclaycard for those unexpected emergencies and simple peace of mind.It isn’t clear whether the closure has anything to do with Brexit, or how long it had been planned for.But Skype has long been one of the few huge European tech success stories, and so will come as a hit to London’s plans to become a tech hub of the future.Like most people, I thought I’d seen everything in terms of phishing scams.

Paypal and bank phishing emails are a regular occurrence in most people’s inboxes.I was flabbergasted to receive a letter from Scott Miller, Barclaycard's head of UK operations, informing me that my account would be closed in June because they are unable to provide a service for non-UK residents." It is usually a rule of UK banks that customers need an onshore address to hold an account.For this reason, many expats use offshore banks which, as well as paying interest before the deduction of tax, do not demand a UK address. They try to exaggerate how close you are by leaning forward when they lie. Some police forces are trained to watch for this very mistake when interrogating criminals. This phishing scam keeps to the similar theme, in that Skype legitimately does on occasion request account updates.