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Just because Nymeria turned down Arya's offer of a partnership for now doesn't mean we won't see her again.

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It's also not the first time he's been choked out by a cranky Stark: How'd that work out for Ned Dan? Meanwhile, I didn't think anything could make me lose my lunch as much as Sam cleaning toilets last episode. I'd wager this technical feat will garner Sam a little respect and gain him admittance to the restricted section of the library — he won't need to go looking for an invisibility cloak.

DAN: Those parallels keep cropping up for Jon, reminding us again and again that honour is his downfall. PETE: This week's episode could have been billed as the Arya Reunion Roadshow and, Dan, I hope you didn't give up on the gravy because HOT PIE IS BACK. Props to Maisie Williams in this scene, who did a wonderful job showing how Arya would feel at the prospect of finding her half-brother again.

PETE: For a show that's felt like its characters were literal oceans apart from each other, this week everything *finally* began to come together.

And it started right where we left off at Dragonstone.

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It's tempting as a viewer to think that of course Dany will win and dethrone Cersei. She could lose one or all of her dragons before this season is out.

We've only really seen Dany ride atop Drogon into battle once before.

I have a hard time imagining that she'll turn her back on that just for a cosy reunion at Winterfell …

perhaps she's done a 180 and gone back south to King's Landing after all?

Welcome back to another episode of violence and scheming.