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(ref 2) There's one primary reason that a raccoon enters your house via the cat door.

He figures -- probably correctly -- that the inside of your home offers fine dining opportunities.

Mountain-type individuals showed a preference for herbaceous habitat, whereas the village-type individuals used cropland disproportionately.

If it doesn't affect your sleep, leave a radio turned on low near the pet door at night, tuned to a talk station.

The sound of human voices could make a raccoon think twice about entering, but shouldn't bother your cats.

Pick up any uneaten pet food inside your house once your animals finish and don't leave human food out in the open.

(ref 3) Try installing motion detectors above your pet door, so that a light goes on when a raccoon -- or other animal -- is in the vicinity.

Home ranges were 62.5% larger in autumn than in other seasons, and 33.5% larger for subadults than for adults.

Average movement rate tended to be higher in autumn (mean rate = 297 m/h), and lowest in winter (mean rate = 204 m/h).If that's not an option, scheduling changes and lighting devices can deter the masked creatures.The best option for keeping unwanted critters from going through the cat door is installing an electronic door. Your cat wears a collar with an electronic disc on it that signals the door to open.But it doesn't mean you have to get rid of the cat door.You can keep raccoons from going through cat doors, although it might involve installing a different type of pet exit and entrance.(ref 1) Since raccoons are nocturnal, one way to keep them from coming in through the cat door is by closing the door each night and opening it again in the morning.