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This article discusses the mechanism by which chamomile relaxes the body and promotes sleep.

It also provides a concise summary of the scientific evidence available to support the traditional uses of this tea..

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These include flavonoids (such as chrysin, luteolin and apigenin), coumarin, terpene bisabolol, farnesene, and chamazulene.It is important to prepare chamomile rightly to ensure that the active ingredients are present in the herbal extract.However, we did see the risk heighten in the person who took more than one kind of anticholinergic,” says lead author Shannon Risacher, Ph.D., assistant professor of radiology and imaging sciences, Indiana University School of Medicine.(You can read the complete medication list here.) The study concluded that “the avoidance of PPI medication may prevent the development of dementia.” Lewis Kuller, MD, Ph D, Professor and past chair of the Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, urges a measured response, explaining, “This is a good study, based on solid science. “You shouldn’t stop taking these medications without speaking with your physician first but you should be wary about taking them in the long term. Under risk factor #1, Anticholinergic Drugs, the article says, "You can find the complete list here." But there is no link to the complete list!

However, we don’t know yet if the relationship is because PPIs lead to dementia, or that that the people who take these meds may be at higher risk for dementia anyway — smokers, heavy drinkers, obesity.” So what’s a person do after a night of too many tacos Guadalajara? If you need the drug, use it, but don’t take it just for mild symptoms. Besides its sedative effect, the herb also has anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-mite and laxative properties.The part of the plant used in the preparation of the herbal remedy is the flower.This involves depth perception, the ability to find one's way home, and reading, among other things.•Executive function: Reasoning, problem solving, planning, and following directions.“Don’t go off any prescribed medications without checking with your physician first.