Sam taylor wood dating aaron johnson

"It was pretty brutal."Even though they gave her a good prognosis, several of her doctors recommended courses of medication to ensure the cancer wouldn't return."I decided not to," she says, instead seeking out alternate preventative measures.

He had been planning a lot longer than I had imagined.

So it was incredibly romantic."Her two daughters accepted their future stepdad with open arms.

"I'd look at Angelica and say, 'There's no option here.

I've got to fight through it.'" Most challenging was that her treatment prevented her from partaking in the joys of new motherhood.

"I had to have major abdominal surgery, and they said, 'You can't hold your baby,'" she remembers.

"It was terrible." But, outwardly at least, she kept a stiff upper lip.Needless to say, Taylor-Wood's friends are also overjoyed about the newest developments in her life. They are blissfully happy," says longtime friend Elton John."It's her life, and she can be with whomever she wants as long as she is happy."Though Taylor-Wood prides herself on being an independent thinker, the amount of tabloid ink spilled over her 24-year age difference with Johnson does rankle her. In my life, I've never really listened to when people start forming opinions on how you should be doing things.""Sam has a fantastic spirit and is an inspiring woman because she does it all," attests Stella Mc Cartney.But after successfully battling her way to remission, she was dealt a second blow when, at 32, she discovered a lump in her left breast."They kept saying it was one in a million, therefore it can't be [cancer]," remembers Taylor-Wood. John helped arrange for treatment at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery."I've never really thought of other people's opinions, so why start now? By all odds, Taylor-Wood should not be living this charmed existence.