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Official confirmation that a bomb brought down the Airbus A321 could potentially expose Egypt to compensation payments to victim’s families.The country is fighting against Isis-affiliated insurgents in the Sinai Peninsula who have claimed responsibility for a wave of bombing and shooting attacks around the country, including near the Pyramids and other tourist attractions.Authorities have sought to play down a series of incidents, calling men who stabbed tourists at a hotel in Hurghada "drugged" and claiming security services were the target at a Cairo hotel.Moscow stopped all civilian flights to Egypt, a popular destination for Russian tourists, after the crash and the UK was among several other nations stopping their airlines operating routes from Sharm el-Sheikh.Weeks later, an Isis propaganda magazine published photos claiming to show the improvised explosive device that had brought the plane down after being hidden inside a can of Schweppes Gold pineapple juice.

But as countries including Russia and the UK cancelled flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, a Red Sea resort integral to Egypt’s tourism industry, the country released its own report claiming the civil aviation ministry had “so far not found anything indicating any illegal intervention or terrorist action”.

“Whoever downed the Russian plane, what did they want?

They wanted to hit tourism, and to hit relations with Russia.” The comments were the first official Egyptian indication that the plane was deliberately downed.

The report backs Russia’s initial assertion that a bomb brought the airliner down, rather than being shot down as suggested by UK and US intelligence agencies.

Militant group Isis claimed responsibility for the bombing in the latest publication of its propaganda magazine, Dabiq, which also featured an image of what it said was the bomb placed in a soft drink can.

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