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On Tuesday, the FBI told Fox 29 that it could not confirm whether Gonzalez’s death was linked to the dark viral game, but the teen’s family insists on a connection.

“I don’t know if that’s what made him look into it but whatever it is I can’t beat myself up for it because I tried,” Gonzalez’s father told the local press.

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A supposed leaked Blue Whale challenge list recently exposed the game's shocking tasks.

Parents have been advised to look out for similar telltale signs that their children could be partaking in the deadly game.

n July 8, Austin teen Isaiah Gonzalez hung himself in his bedroom closet, live-streaming his death online via his cell phone.

His father told the local authorities he believed his son committed suicide as part of the “Blue Whale Challenge,” a mysterious series of stunts that supposedly began in Russia.

The girl was helped to her feet, despite the severity of her injuries being unknown at that point.

Emergency services were then called and the girl was taken to hospital where medics assessed her as suffering with fractures and other 'serious injuries' which have not been disclosed. The girl was helped to her feet, despite the severity of her injuries being unknown at that point.Gonzalez is not the only American whose family believes the “Blue Whale Challenge” drives teenagers to suicide.This week in Georgia, the family of a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide told WNCN that they too blamed the “Blue Whale Challenge” for their daughter’s death.Others say the name comes from a song by the Russian band, Lumen, whose lyrics compare the image of a blue whale struggling to break through a net to a person suffering in isolation.According to BBC, “There are also reports of suicide cases being investigated in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, with a focus on links to internet groups,” though the publication was careful not to confirm the game’s involvement with any of the suicide cases. I gave them what they did not have in real life: warmth, understanding, and communication.” Budeikin was later profiled in several international publications, including the Portuguese ran a fact check but wasn’t able to fully negate or confirm many details from international sources, and even American law enforcement is airing on the side of caution, explaining to parents what the group is allegedly doing with teenagers recordings: copyright© 2006 streit goulnara, streit eric, vion nicolas.