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There is also a more even split in demographics compared to newer sites, with 48 per cent of users being aged between 26 and 40, and 34 per cent aged between 41 and 60.Using RSVP involves a fairly simple search system, with no 'compatibility' features integrated unless you are a paid member.Dear Lifehacker, I've been looking at getting back into the dating game, but trying to figure out what service is going to be best for me is proving to be really difficult. A 2014 CHOICE review looked into some of Australia's most popular dating sites, looking at price, demographics and Australian usership.

Also though, there is a very unglamorous side to life with a digestive disorder...It's not all parking stickers and pension supplements, you know.Now, people seem to think of me as more unlucky in general.They no longer seem surprised that I'm single; rather, I should be grateful to still be here at all and really, expecting someone to commit to me in relationship terms is probably a bit greedy.The 40 cm pair of tubes that emerge from my right-upper boob area (that's the technical term) and dangle suggestively around my navel all day sure seem pretty conspicuous to me.

As does the IV pump and pole I connect them to several times a week.

A bit like a gremlin but with less eighties haircuts on the supporting cast (unless I'm visiting my aunty Kerry, but that's getting off topic).

I'm just getting used to this new lifestyle myself, so how can I foist it on someone else? So I tried her method, but at the time that meant keeping up the ruse that at 27 years of age, with two university degrees and no apparent impediments, I was unemployed and well-versed in the intricacies of daytime TV by choice.

'Definitely don't say anything until the third or fourth date,' advised one (fully able-bodied and healthy) friend. As it turned out, I never got to tell that guy about my illness because we never made it to the third date.

I can't blame him - I wouldn't be interested in someone who knows as much about The Circle as I do either.

Cue all-knowing expression and trite comment like, 'it's just down to fate and what the world has planned for you, Lara.' And then I rip off their arms and beat them to death with them (metaphorically, of course).