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Please Lord bless this family and give them the strength to overcome what is ahead. Ginger (La Rocque) Poitra (65) Ginger, I’ve noticed that your email box has not been functioning for the last while. I know you and Myron were class mates long before I joined the class of 65 in our freshman year. It was all part of my growing up process and now I respect this even more. Myron your family will be remembered in my prayer’s, so you can make it through this terrible loss you are feeling. This includes when we were young (my cousins and I) and she would dole out the discipline as needed. Never was there a time when I thought she was mean or uncaring.

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She is survived by her husband, Clarence of Dunseith; daughters, Shonda Azure of Minot and Shannon Azure of Grand Forks; sons Cody Azure and Jason Azure both of Grand Forks; a grandson, Chris Scott of Minot; sisters, Debbie Marmon of Miles City MT and Toni Gredesky of Fairmount, ND; a brother, Duane Morinville of Dunseith Right now we are attempting to grasp the loss of my Aunt Shirley, or ‘Snookie’ as she was known to all of us.As Ron said though, her age and the severity of this acute illness was just more than anyone could overcome. Thanks to those who have called and written with their condolences. I carry messages with me all day and in idle moments [read hours] a thought long forgotten springs to mind. Schwab our neighbor across the street sprang to mind this week.He had come striding out his back screen door with a pair of leather gloves and said that we should use them to handle the feisty squirrel we had caught and that he advised release soon; “Wild creatures should live free.” Harriet Schwab was a frail beauty by then, perhaps 1947/48, but often at her window or door way checking on the local noise makers.I read in the early issues Turtle Mt Times of Marchand Lumber of Rolla wanting to open a yard in Dunseith. Edna Leonard put me on the trail of Montague/Monty Schwab his son, back in the 80’s.There is always that shaky moment of loss, but I recall John sitting behind me in one of the basement classrooms.

John had waited for a quiet moment during a study period; he sat right behind me.

Carlisle, 1838, p282 Description; date of 1645 under arms 1835 Nutters painting depicts the Main Guard [175 Years of Carlisle front cover] Topping, G and Potter, J. Memorials of old Carlisle p28 CP p5 Demolition begin at Martinmas; News Room to move CJ p2 CN p9 Dating and demolition; Denis Perriam MAINS COTTON FACTORY London Rd; Established 1799 CPacquet Floods carry away part of weir beloning to Rothwell and Co 1811 Jollie p81 cotton mill called Mains Rothwell and Co CP p3c Rothwell and Co, Cotton Manufactory, the Mains 1829 Directory Rothwell and Co Mains 1835 drawing by J.

Carmichael [in Tullie Hse] showing mill dominating landscape CJ Accident at mill; 15 year old girl killed by fall into machinery 1851 census James Rothwell, aged 65, master cotton spinner, born Lancashire Manchester Guardian p7 Ad Mains Factory for sale, 11,000 spindles 1858 Carlisle Directory Wm Parker and Co, the Mains, Cotton manufacturers 1861 census William Parker, cotton, gingham and check manufacturer,bn Flintshire CJ Dramatic fire at Mains factory; history of factory CJ Factory called the Mains to be disposed of CJ Works transferred to John Thomlinson and Mr Buck of Dalston CJ Strike at Thomlinson and Bucks CJ Sale of portion of the mill plant CJ Brown Tran and Co purchase the Mains CJ Brown Tran and Co, Albion Mill, description of works 1918 Electoral Register Thomas and Annie Brown CJ Thomas Brown and Co, Albion Works; new plant Linton Holme; a suburb of Carlisle M.

When the folks owned the Gas Station in town, I remember Duane & Russell were always playing jokes on Bev. She was the type of person many folks can only wish they could be.

One time, they sent her to the Hardware Store to get a left-handed monkey wrench. And, she would use the word “ish-ka-bibble” alot!!! I really don’t think I ever believed illness could take her from us. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the contact with idols and friends of my childhood and youth.

I did not do well introducing Victor to everyone, but he wandered around and taking pictures that he knew I would treasure.