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The show also featured a pre-Hangover Justin Bartha as a main cast member. Marques Houston as Roger Evans Okay, before I continue, let me just place this picture of Marques here first. Winner: With major respect towards Tia and Tamera for being pretty decent role models for us young ladies, I’m going with Marques on this one.

In 2012, she wrote a book about being a working mother, called Oh, Baby: Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another.You might also see her on the cover of a few yoga DVDs that she released with yoga superstar Tara Stiles.was part of my daily routine a few years ago before going to work.There’s something so magical about identical twins – especially twins who were adopted by different families and didn’t realize the other even existed until one magical day at the clothing store.) She’s currently a co-host on a talk show called Tim played Tamera’s single father Ray, who owned a limousine service. Since the end of the show, Tim’s had two long-standing roles – in the mid 2000’s he played William Barnett on You might know her better by her first name alone.

Playing Lisa, the loud and hilarious single mom of Tia, Jackée has made quite a name for herself.He’s focused and looking forward to his latest role in Je’Caryous Johnson’s stageplay adaption of the hit film I knew for a while.I hate the fans had to find out when they did,” he said.“The show took on a turn and went in a different direction—which a lot of shows eventually do,” he said.“We started off as a comedy, but then as the time went on, we got to the dark parts.With a diverse range of roles in TV and film, the industry vet’s ability is undeniable.