Ps3 reboots when updating games online dating feeds

In my game, the arrow pokes the box 6 times before disappearing.Once the icon disappears, then you can go into "Play Game" and your worlds should show up fairly quickly and they should be accessible again!!

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If I run the game without downloading the latest version it will 'see' the worlds on the menu but obviously can't open it as the updated blocks that it was built in aren't there. Actually the same kind of symptoms began with the previous update but then the loading screen was stuck only occasionally.It will open once in the new version after reinstalling but then gets stuck again if he leaves the game and tries to open it again. Now with this 1.57 the game gets completely stuck with loading message after I choose "play game".I need some more people to test this, maybe I'm just lucky and/or crazy...If you are experiencing this issue please give this a try and let us know if it works for you or not, I sure would appreciate it as well as many others!!Used the work around, worked a few times but still having major issues.

Tried playing 2 players offline but when the other player joins it crashes the game instantly.

It’s actually a very minor update, with the main functionality change being the ability to turn off trophy notifications when playing a game.

The advise right now is not to install the firmware update, though.

This is 100% a problem with the update version 1.57 So I sat down and did some old fashioned troubleshooting, playing with every setting I had access to I may have found a workaround!!

When you get to the first menu, immediately go to "Help & Options" and then "Change Skin".

The update is meant to reverse the damage caused by an earlier patch that left a “small number” of users with bricked consoles.