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Over the last thirty years the radical environmentalists or cultural determinists have been in retreat.Simultaneously the left has attacked all of sociobiology, the genetic basis for intelligence, and the fact that there could exist genetic biological and behavioral trait differences between racial groups.

Apparently, within the inner essence of these WASPs, they are maintaining a racist system in order to continue the oppression of Black people to further use Black labor for their own financial gain. But where and how these WASPs still have the power or control to do this he doesn't really address.

In fact, most people who put forth such conspiracy theories are usually looked at with great skepticism or as just plain paranoid.

(see Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns, 1995 at Now, the only final remaining debate with regards to genetic differences in intelligence between different population groups or races is all but over.

The differences are real, and the races differ in average intelligence.

If this fact was included, then the racist argument no longer has any basis and the disparities can be explained in terms of genes, not prejudice.[1]Scientists today rely on accepted tools and procedures when they try to make a case such as Feagin's mythical systemic racism.

You can't just make up a theory and indict a whole race of people by supporting its truthfulness with a series of speculations.That is, much of what WASPs earn, own, or control comes from past oppression. He goes on to claim that there is a conspiracy amongst these WASPs still going on today to oppress and exploit Blacks.He calls this systemic racism, and he tells some pretty tall tales about how it takes place.These new "people of color" immigrants were supposed to act in unison to depose White hegemony as the first step to a return to Communist egalitarianism.They have not done that, and instead they have pursued their own interests and have as much hostility in general for Blacks as Whites do, and very often much more (see Kevin Mac Donald's paper ".First, science requires several simple rules and procedures: Parsimony or using simple explanations over the incredulous machinations of facts and figures; meta-analyses to make complicated correlations between variables by combining many independent and confounding studies; and the theory must be falsifiable.[2],[3] Racist America fails all three.