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This wheel is also known as a conception date calculator, gestation calculator, pregnancy date calculator, due date calculator, pregnancy calculator, or pregnancy wheel calculator.

Determining the Date of Conception Because the human egg is capable of fertilization for only 12 to 24 hours after ovulation the date of ovulation may be taken as being the date of conception.

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A full term pregnancy is considered to be 39 to 40 6/7 weeks regardless of the number fetuses being carried [34]. Chervenak FA, Skupski DW, Romero R, et al: How accurate is fetal biometry in the assessment of fetal age? Chorionic gonadotropin secretion by human embryos in vitro. Perfect for birth mothers, adoptive mothers wishing to calculate and follow along with a pregnancy, and makes a perfect gift idea for soon-to-be adoptive mothers and birth mothers to consult throughout the pregnancy and for the future.Our high quality easy-to-read vinyl pregnancy wheel will calculate the approximate due date of birth in the privacy of your own home.Just like the real due date calculator OB wheel used by doctors!

You have seen your doctor use this kind of wheel to quickly predict your due date - now get yours inside your i Pad.*************HOW TO USE*************- Just slide the date wheel around with your finger. - To zoom the zodiac wheel, just click in the middle of the wheel, click again to close.

The gestational age would, therefore, be at least 3 to 4 weeks at the time of a reliable h CG pregnancy test.

Twins When a twin pregnancy is the result of in vitro fertilization determination of gestational age should be made from the date of embryo transfer. Clinical management guidelines for obstetricians-gynecologists. Number 55, September 2004 (replaces practice pattern number 6, October 1997).

************FEATURES************- Turn the wheel to set the date of last period or the date of conception, and you'll see at a glance the predicted due date.- See the dates corresponding to a number of gestation weeks- Bonus feature: predict the zodiac sign of your baby!

- The wheel will remember its last position between uses.************WARNING************Date Wheels are for estimating purposes.

The due date may be estimated by adding 280 days ( 9 months and 7 days) to the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). The accuracy of the EDD derived by this method depends on accurate recall by the mother, assumes regular 28 day cycles, and that ovulation and conception occurs on day 14 of the cycle.