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However, in our case we have used different techniques of the n-gram (unigram, bigram, trigram) when there is lack trained data like Afan Oromo.

His work presents a word prediction approach based on context features and machine learning.

As the result, it shows that the accuracy performance of his system 56.8%.

” Then, starting in Genesis, Jesus used the Old Testament Scripture to “explain things concerning himself.” God’s Story has been used greatly of God in many nations where it is much appreciated and is winning many to Christ. ) We’ve presented this movie to soul-winners from all over the world—interest is phenomenal.

The response to these evangelism videos is overwhelming.

In fact, God used this style of presentation throughout the Bible.

In the New Testament, when the confused disciples on the road to Emmaus puzzled about Jesus' death on the cross, the risen promised Savior himself, Jesus Christ, came alongside scolding, “O slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!Due to misspelling and low speed of typing, the new Afan Oromo speakers are ashamed from practicing the language.Therefore this study is undertaken to solve the disables problems by providing Afan Oromo word prediction and auto completion.Hence, the single letter may changes the meaning of the word if misspelled.Furthermore lack of Afan Oromo word auto completion impacts non-native speakers from learning Afan Oromo language.For example, instead of saying Daabboo [Bread], they are saying Daboo [Cooperation] with the absence of the letter ‘b’ which makes completely different spelling, sense, speech and form of the language.