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Although he wasn't a virgin, he had taken an oath of celibacy after the last ugly breakup.: I never had any luck making a relationship work well when it was based on sex. I just mean the mind games people play where they have to wait three dates or one month or some arbitrary number. I don't think we're having sex as much as we did the first year we were dating but it's still good, and I think for two really busy people, we are definitely still having an above-average amount of sex. In fact, the longer the wait, the better — the better you get to know someone, and the better they get to know you.

It takes from 13 to 42 days for antibodies and antigens to be detectable.

This expensive test isn’t used for general screening.

Some tests provide results in 30 minutes or less and can be performed in a doctor’s office or clinic.

There are also home test kits available: If you think you’ve recently been exposed to HIV, but tested negative, repeat the test in three months.

Our first date was with four children at a military function so nothing happened that night.

He ended up coming over a few nights later without his children and mine were not home.This is because it takes time for the immune system to build up enough antibodies to be detected in a blood test.But the virus is active and highly contagious during this time.Some people infected with HIV are asymptomatic at first.Most people experience symptoms in the first month or two after becoming infected.Without treatment, HIV can be expected to progress to AIDS sooner.