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However, when you're twenty-two, and you see graduation and adulthood on the horizon, you realize it's time to get serious and start thinking about the future.And I knew I didn't want to be alone for the rest of my life.= = = = = "Do you ever think about me dominating you in the bedroom? Chris and I met during our senior year of college at UNLV.

Of course, being a man, it took him almost another year to reach the same obvious conclusion.

For whatever reason, I just knew that we would wind up together.

It was a period of transition for Chris, and it was about that time when our marriage changed.

Our computer was running slow so I pulled up the history so I could delete it. On the other hand, Chris' knowledge of computers ended with powering the machine on and off. To my utter shock, I learned that Chris had been visiting Femme Domme sites, and some of the material he was viewing was very graphic.

At the very least, didn't realize its significance.

Then, the analytical, or perhaps even the manipulative part of my personality took over.

Unfortunately, once the November election was over, he was again looking for work.

He seemed to drift aimlessly from one consulting job to another and never seemed happy or fulfilled in his career.

Chris confessed to me a couple times that he had a 'Dominant Female' fetish and, at the time, it didn't particularly interest me. I never considered myself to be a take-charge person and I didn't really have a 'dominant' type personality.

Thankfully, he never really pushed the issue and we both seemed content to just let it drop.

Not only did I learn that he was looking at images, but also reading stories and testimonials of men whose wives and girlfriends were doing very graphic and almost disturbing things to their respective partners. My initial reaction was to confront him the moment he walked through the door.