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"Glass of the Sultans," October 2, 2001–January 13, 2002, no.

"Glass of the Sultans," February 20, 2002–May 15, 2002, no.

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"An Exhibition Celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of the Cooper Union, 20th April–31st August, 1960." In The Logic and Magic of Color. "Re-Orientations: Islamic Art and the West in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," February 7, 2008–April 26, 2008, no catalogue. “Yeah, yeah, I gotta say discovering Tinder after being in a relationship for five years has been quite the revelation,” he smiled and took a sexy sip of his vino. “One or two, one or two” he said nodding “Actually my very first one was a bit of a nightmare” he added in his posh London droll. “Well, so I matched with this girl, who was f*cking hot, like a model, like she was a ten for sure” he said getting excited.“I’d say you’re having fun alright” I agreed knowingly. Cue another selfconscious sweep of my hair to one side and straightening of my posture. "Islamic Glass: A Brief History." Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin vol.

Re-Orientations: Islamic Art and the West in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Let's be honest here, there are few among us who don't have at least one ' First Date' horror story; a tale of such woe our friends have forced us time and time again to regale them with it.kinda way, as almost all of his pics were 'blue steels' but sadly non-ironically. He was tanned with a David Beckham’esque hair cut and piercing blue eyes. I actually genuinely just thought from looking at his pics that I could guess what he did. Finally; a man who can take control and make a friggin decision!One of his pics was him at a wedding in a gorgeous expensive looking crisp white shirt, collar undone, dickie bow hanging loosely either side, mouth open… This particular date was one of my many Tinder dates I had when living in London, so the destination was a quaint little wine bar in Kings Cross or so the website informed me when I looked it up.Two seconds later and my phone pinged with a location pin and five minutes later I was arriving into a dim candlelit wine bar with leather couches and several cool Londoners dappled around the room sipping out of over sized wine glasses. He was wearing a round necked navy cashmere jumper, dark blue jeans and fabulous brown leather brogues.A quick glance around the room and there was my date. He looked at me and smiled and my heart skipped a beat.We had been chatting briefly over Whats App in the three days between my opening guessing game and our date night, but in all honesty I knew very little about this guy.