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In North Carolina, a settlement by written agreement requires the notarized signature of both parties, which of course, requires the agreement of both parties.

Settlement— Most people do not want to go to court.

The cost and time alone are reason enough to try to reach an agreement outside of court.

Be sure to bring along with you to the interview a copy of any documents or court papers that might be helpful to your attorney. 1/08] * * * HE LEGAL EAGLE SERIES OF CLIENT HANDOUTS IS PREPARED BY MARK E.

“I hear my friends and family members using words like ‘litigation’ and ‘separation papers.’ What do they mean by those words?

” Litigation— Means you’re “going to court.” If you are in litigation, or are planning to litigate, a lawsuit must be filed, and it must be served on the other party to start the lawsuit.

Service is typically accomplished either by the local sheriff’s department, or by certified mail.

• Should you condition the transfer on the other parent's regular and full payment of support?

All you need for an Advance Return of Dependents is a letter from a professional, such as a lawyer, chaplain, or marriage counselor, to verify your marital difficulties. Such alternation would lessen the impact of higher taxes on the custodial parent.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, however, there is a presumption that the agreement's terms concerning the children are fair, reasonable and necessary for the best interest and welfare of the children. This depends entirely on the law of the place where the agreement is to be enforced or modified – overseas or stateside. The usual ones are room and board, books, tuition and fees.

The terms you include for child support, custody and visitation can always be modified by the court in the best interest of the children. CAN THE COURT MODIFY THE TERMS WE INCLUDE IN A SEPARATION AGREEMENT CONCERNING OURSELVES? Unlike the terms concerning children, which are always modifiable by the court, the terms that pertain to adults are harder to change.

An "agreement" means that both parties sign voluntarily. DOES A SEPARATION AGREEMENT HELP ME TO GET A DIVORCE? There's no way of answering this question without knowing the state or country that's involved. The 1984 Tax Reform Act allows the parties to agree as to who can claim the children as exemptions for income tax purposes.