blake lively blake lively dating My blog feed not updating

This fix doesn't work for me - I'm using the joomla 2.5.8 subway theme and the widgetkit - both updated on .

I've tried inputting the username twice, referencing it and changing the coding as per Mustaq's suggestion - but still nothing.

Someone's help would be greatly appreciated otherwise I'll have to resort to the trials & tribulations of the JED - which I really don't want to have to do if I can avoid it! Suddenly, without working on the site or changing anything, tweets aren't shown. I've tried everything mentioned above and nothing seems to work.

Since I've been only working with Yootheme templates and the Widgetkit I'm getting a bit tired of checking the twitterfeed on all my websites everyday and hoping it is still working ...

I ended up restoring the file back to the original and entering my twitter username twice separated by a space as mentioned in this thread: For whatever reason, that works for me, although it feels a bit of a hacky solution.

Had the same issue on the latest widgetkit 1.3.1 suddenly stopped working after I cleared the cache.

If so, can you let me know what piece of the code has changed (maybe highlight in bold so I can see it! *backup before you overwrite any files Thank you Mustaq, your code fixed my problem with my account Imacomweb !

All my tweets appear correctly on the two widgets, one for my last tweet on my my frontpage one for a list of 12 in the sidebar on my blog Hello, i still have a Joomla 1.5 website running, which uses Yoo Tweet module...

Anybody got suggestions for me to get my feeds updating automatically again?

Problem: 1) Since updating to windows 10, Laptop completely incapable of making any sound out of the speakers.

In the past we have shown you how to setup Feed Burner for your Word Press site.

Recently we had an issue here at WPBeginner where our Feedburner feed was not updating.

Tried Mustaq's fix, but it doesn't seem to work for me... Thanks Hi Mustaq, please confirm the twitter feeds you have checked were posted in the last 12 hours, as it seems recent tweets are not updating, on the module here on the home page you can see the old tweet, but not the new ones my client has tweeted yesterday.