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“He had in fact told them that he was going to commit suicide, but they thought he was joking,” said Valia.

The Blue Whale challenge is difficult to track and hunt down.

There is nothing much the government or police can do to stop the spread of the Blue Whale challenge, said gamers and IT experts.

Moreover, since the players share their personal phone numbers and email addresses, the developers keep using different psychological tactics to get them back by sending mails and messages.“The police can try tracing the circulation links, but they will only be wasting their time because the game has been possibly pulled off popular search engines.When I tried looking for it, I couldn’t find the download links and then I realised that the links are basically shared in Russian or Chinese languages so the search engines with servers in India can’t locate them,” said Mukhi.“The game has caused deaths across the world and people believe it originated in Russia, but I don’t think anybody can confirm it.Schools officials, who spoke to students, said the teenager was an avid gamer and had been talking about going to Russia since past two years.“Students said he was addicted to games, but we don’t know for sure if it was the Blue Whale challenge. This isn’t a way to throw away your life when your parents have done everything to ensure a comforting life for you,” said a teacher.Well, another major feature of a reputed escort agency is that, it should be capable enough to provide ultimate customer service.